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Lip Mask

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Lip Mask is a hydrating lip balm that does double duty as a reparative lip treatment and everything salve. With a texture similar to petroleum jelly, sweet almond oil and vitamin E deeply nourish while lupinus albus seed extract boosts collagen for plump, youthful lips.

Flavor/Scent: Mint Chocolate

  • As a balm: Apply a thin later to lips and press together for even
  • As a mask: Apply a generous layer to lips (a small pea size is
    ideal) before bedtime or as needed. , Press lips together for even
  • Lupinus albus seed extract is clinically proven to boost your
    body’s natural collagen production, helping to plump lips and smooth fine
  • Use after Lip Polish for maximum hydration.
  • Oil ingredients make Lip Mask ideal for aiding removal of lip
    color, too.