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Green Jade Roller

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Luxury spa experience at the tip of your fingers! Using rollers for lymphatic massage as part of your skincare routine helps to eliminate toxins, reduce puffiness & improve blood circulation to even out skin tone.
Rollers also work great when combined with facial serums or masks as a way of working the product further into skin for a deeper penetration of nutrients.
Jade is primarily considered an ornamental gemstone (jade), it is also said that it can have healing powers. The jade roller was used by the Ancient Chinese for centuries for smooth, youthful looking skin.
Green Jade roller can help to:
-improve elasticity of the skin
-promote lymphatic drainage
-reduce appearance of puffiness & wrinkles
-reduce appearance of dark under eye circles
HOW TO: Apply serum, moisturizer or mask and roll in outward and upward motions to lift the face and promote drainage.