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Goddess Facial Night Serum-Dream

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Finish your day with DREAM. Repair-Nourish-Restore. This Goddess Facial Serum is comprised of this lovely blend of oils to calm, repair, regenerate, balance and firm the skin while you sleep!

Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Clean & Made in the USA.

Star Ingredients:
Sweet Almond -Calming, soothes inflammation, moisturizing, brightens skin and reduces dark circles. 
Argan -Powerful antioxidant, improves & preserves skin elasticity, regenerative properties assist in cell turn-over. 
Jojoba -Protects and cleanses the skin, fights harmful bacteria growth that leads to breakouts, soothes fine lines and wrinkles, balancing. 
Rose Hip -Rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin A which help target scars, acne, eczema & psoriasis. It fades wrinkles and improves skin elasticity. It's regenerative properties will target premature aging. 
Hibiscus -Known as the "Botox" plant, Rich in anti-oxidants that help in reversing the damage caused by UV rays, dust, pollutants, and diseases, etc. on your skin, purifies the skin and offers an intense hydration boost. 
Vitamin C -Replenishes and plumps the epidermis, protects against UV damage, increases collagen production and aids in healing of scar tissue. 
Vitamin E -Antioxidant that targets wrinkles, dark spots, uneven texture. 
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil -Hydrates, treats acne, improves texture, healing. 
Lavender Essential Oil -Offers antioxidant protection, improves eczema, acne and even heals burns and cuts. The soothing scent reduces stress and improves sleep.

Apply 5-10 drops to cleansed skin in an upwards motion. (Face, Neck, Chest). Allow serum to be fully absorbed. Enjoy your fresh, youthful glow! Use daily.