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Lip Scrub

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Hey, sugar! Kiss dry, cracked lips goodbye. This Lip Polish gently but effectively sloughs away flakes, while glycerin and castor oil combine to deeply nourish and soften. It's also the perfect way to prep for flawless lip color application.


Scent/Flavor: Gingerbread

  • Scoop out a pea-sized amount of Lip Polish. Rub over your lips with
    your fingertip for 15 seconds. For more exfoliation, maintain lightweight
    pressure but add more time.
  • Use before our nourishing Lip Mask for maximum hydration, or before
    our Lip Velvet, Lip Crème, or Lip Glaze for smoother, more even color.
  • Oil ingredients make Lip Polish ideal for aiding removal of lip
    color, too.
  • Glycerin and castor oil combine for the perfect level of deep but
    lightweight nourishment.