The Story of LoveKaya

Well...its here and I couldn't be more excited! I created LoveKaya to be a place for people to come find all the vegan and cruelty-free beauty products they need. To be able to shop with ease and NOT have to worry about double checking the labels, company ownership etc....we did all the work for you. Every single item on LoveKaya is certified vegan, cruelty-free, clean and made in the USA!

I have been vegan for almost 2 years now. As soon as I got the diet down I started to think of other areas of my life I need to make better choices. Being a beauty addict, that was my first thought! Personally, I had found it so frustrating to find genuinely good vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. With my high standards, I provided all my hand picked favorite beauty brands here for you on LoveKaya.

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Most people don't realize that huge brands (who market themselves as vegan or cruelty-free) are owned by larger corporations which are not animal friendly whatsoever. So in the end, we are still supporting companies who are not dedicated to being 100% cruelty-free and vegan. Also its very common that brands hop on the "vegan" train and slap that label on, but are still paying 3rd party sources for animal testing. Its honestly so hard to trust brands these days.

After all the frustration, I decided to research the best brands I could find over the past year, smaller family owned companies, Made in the USA companies, companies who really care, together to create the best vegan cruelty-free selection to you. To feel good about what your are buying!

On a side note, some of you may be wondering what the name is about, LoveKaya? Well, my dogs name is Kaya and she is a rescue pit-bull! She is my heart and soul and the amount of love she gives me is what every animal on this planet deserves.

Whether you are dipping your toe in the vegan pool, vegan for life, or simply want to make better ethical buying decisions, LoveKaya is here for you. We are committed to providing more education, inspiration, fabulous makeup looks and more! So don't forget to follow us and subscribe so you can stay up to date on our blog posts, new product launches and share the love with your friends XO Thank you in advance for your support.

We don't judge or preach so feel free to reach out with ANY questions, and we will be your guide.

XO Aubrey

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