How To: Turkey Free Vegan Thanksgiving

Have an omni family? Hosting Thanksgiving this year? DONT STRESS. With these recipes from my favorite influencers, no one will even notice the turkey is missing!

Here's a breakdown of the menu on what we will be hosting this year:

Main Course: Mushroom Wellington

Sides: Baked sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, maple glazed carrots

Sauces: Brown gravy and cranberry sauce

Dessert: Pumpkin Pie with Coconut Whipped Cream

Cocktail of the hour: Apple Cider Margarita 


Mushroom Wellington

 This Tasty Video has the Mushroom Wellington recipe that caught my eye but the others (I personally think I found better) but feel free to try whatever tickles your fancy! Mushroom wellington recipe can also be found here --->>


Veggie rose is our OG when it comes to tasty vegan recipes. Thanksgiving is stressful enough so the last thing we want to worry about is making a complicated gravy. This recipe is SIMPLE, EASY and QUICK! So you can put more love and focus on other areas of the feast.


When it comes to stuffing, I am very simple and don't like a lot going on in there. Classic and simple is how I roll with my stuffing. Absolutely loved this easy and simple recipe from The Viet Vegan.

Green Bean Casserole

Its HARD to find cream of mushroom vegan so I figured, screw it i'll make this too. I LOVE Hot For Food! She really cracks me up. You can either make homemade gluten-free frizzled onions like her, OR use the store bought regular ones (which I am doing cuz I ain't got time for that) If you make your own let us know how it goes!

(As far as the mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and glazed carrots go. I am just winging those recipes at home.)

Pumpkin Pie 

After already feeling extremely fat after I forced those last couple bites down my throat..dessert seems very intimidating. This pumpkin pie recipe is HEALTHY hallellujah! So you don't have to feel even more guilty eating this treat. (one of my favorite things about Fablunch, she always keeps health in mind)

Recipe --->>

Apple Cider Margarita

I got this recipe here --->

Also broken down below:

-Cinnamon sugar rim

-5 oz Apple Cider

-1.5 oz 100% Agave Tequila (I would reccomend reposado for this its a darker liquor with more flavor)

-1 oz Orange liquor (I reccomend Grand Marnier, vegan friendly and my favorite orange liquor)

-Cinnamon stick or apple as garnish (or both!)

Trader Joe's Shopping List

Okay guys I am hosting for the first time, so I need to buy a few store bought things to make my life easier. Thank god for TJS. Heres a few things Ill be buying.

Cranberry sauce-NO GELATIN LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Pectin is derived from fruit and is the binding "jelly" like ingredient in this cranberry sauce. 

Frizzled onions-Although not gluten-free, these frizzled onions are vegan!

Whipped cream-This isn't TJs brand but they are excitingly enough carrying it! Its SO tasty and comes out much easier than other brands i've tried.

Cranberry Sauce  - product in packaging

Image result for sweet rose coconut whipped creamGourmet Fried Onion Pieces - product in packaging


 That's it guys! Please please let me know in the comments or IG if you made any of these and how you liked them. Let's make the world love turkey-free thanksgivings!

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